Global Travel Assistance

Got a trip planned? Protect yourself and your loved ones. When traveling 100 miles or more from home*, you can rest easy knowing you have a global network of doctors, assistance personnel and emergency benefits. You’ll be safe and sound from air to ground.

  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Monitoring of treatment
  • Replacement of lost or stolen travel documents
  • Transportation to join a family member in the hospital
  • Return of minor children
  • Pre-travel and security information
  • Coordination of hospital payments and insurance
  • Medications and vaccines
  • Transfer of money
  • Translation services
  • Return of mortal remains

*Home is defined as the address listed on member’s ID (Driver’s License or Passport)


Global Travel Assistance FAQ

Q. How do I access the Global Travel Assistance Service?
A. Call the toll-free number on the back of your membership card. If the toll-free number is not accessible from the country you’re traveling in, call Global Travel Assistance collect.

Q. When can I use the service?
A. Global Travel Assistance will help with any type of illness or injury, regardless of the severity.

Q. Are there any times Global Travel Assistance cannot help?
A. Global Travel Assistance cannot help you if you’re traveling against the advice of a physician, need assistance related to a natural disaster or traveling to a country that is not deemed safe for travel.

Q. How does Global Travel Assistance help find medical care?
A. Global Travel Assistance has a global network of over 50,000 providers. The network contains hospitals, clinics and doctors, as well as other providers in the travel insurance industry, such as air ambulances, house call doctors and medical escorts. Global Travel Assistance members are referred based on the medical specialty needed, location, language, office hours, training, etc.

Q. Does Global Travel Assistance require that I go to certain hospitals, doctors or clinics?
A. You should contact Global Travel Assistance before choosing a hospital so that we can refer you to facilities that we have previously worked with. If you go to other providers, we cannot be certain of the level of treatment. However, Global Travel Assistance will provide the same services regardless of where you are treated.

Q. What happens in the event I am hospitalized?
A. Notify Global Travel Assistance as soon as possible. They will then monitor your care and work through the details of foreign hospitalizations. They will promptly speak with the treating doctor to assess your condition, treatment plans and whether or not an evacuation is necessary. Global Travel Assistance will update your family, employer and personal doctor as needed. Also, they will coordinate all insurance verifications and admission details.

Q. How does Global Travel Assistance facilitate hospital admissions?
A. Global Travel Assistance coordinates all billing and insurance verifications, including settling any guarantees of payment. This ensures that there is no delay or denial of medical treatment because you cannot make the up-front payment or your insurance is not recognized.

Q. What if the local facilities are not able to provide treatment?
A. If facilities are inadequate, the Global Travel Assistance Regional Medical Advisor will report on the safety of an evacuation, any medical needs you may require en route and evacuation plan details. Global Travel Assistance will consult with all parties involved and fully manage the evacuation.

Q. Once I am released from the hospital, do the services end?
A. Global Travel Assistance helps you until you have returned home or have received final treatment.


"The top five destination countries visited by U.S. residents in 2012 were: Mexico (20.3 million), Canada (11.9 million), followed by the overseas countries of the United Kingdom (2.5 million), the Dominican Republic (2.3 million) and France (2.0 million)." International Trade Administration, 2012

"The percentage of Americans who have a valid passport is about 46%." State Department, 2014

"There were 253,037 lost passports and 60,984 stolen worldwide in 2011." State Department, 2011

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Benefits Provided

(All benefits are included.)


“When my nephew was critically injured in Mexico, Global Travel Assistance was absolutely outstanding. Global Travel Assistance was very attentive to our needs in our time of crisis and responded to our many questions and concerns. Thank you!”


“My fiancé and I will be heading to St. Lucia in less than a month to celebrate our honeymoon. I called Global Travel Assistance to get information on potential health risks that we could experience while visiting the island. The representative was very helpful.”

Jake C., TX

“I was in Mexico traveling with Karen Aubrey.  Shortly after playing tennis with Karen I suffered a heart attack and was transported to a local hospital.  This was on a weekend and the people at the hospital that normally handled insurance issues with Americans were not working at the time.  The hospital insisted that I pay in advance for the full treatment.  I charged to my credit card an amount that satisfied them and began to be treated for the heart condition.  The next morning Karen called our office in Dallas and was told that I had Global Travel Assistance and was given the contact information.  Karen called Global Travel Assistance and they took over all issues between the hospital and my insurance company.  They made sure that the hospital knew that my insurance would totally cover all charges associated with my treatment.  We had no more difficulties.  They also advised Karen on travel arrangements that could be made to ensure that I had no difficulties getting back to Texas.  They relieved me of so many details about expenses and arrangements that Karen and I only had to be concerned about my condition.  I would highly recommend that anyone traveling to another country have Global Travel Assistance.  They really do know how to get things done for you in case of emergency.”

Richard B., TX