Telehealth and a Wide
Range of Discounts

Benefits Provided

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Telehealth - Teladoc offers 24/7 $0 consult access to its proprietary nationwide network of U.S. licensed physicians for telephone and online video medical consultations including prescribing medication when appropriate
Dental - The Aetna Dental Access® network provides discounts of 15% to 50% per visit* on dental services at over 132,000** available dental practice locations nationwide.
Vision - Coast to Coast Vision™ has over 12,000 eye care locations nationwide. Members save on eyeglasses, contacts, and laser surgery.
Pharmacy - Save 10% to 85% on most prescriptions with the local pharmacy program. Over 60,000 locations, including independent, national and regional chain pharmacies nationwide.
Pet Care Savings - Members save 25% at network veterinarians on all medical procedures and also 10% to 35% on pet products and services at participating merchants. Includes a free pet ID tag and confidential 24-hour pet location service for lost pets.
Nurseline™ - Offers toll-free access to experienced registered nurses, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Nurses provide an instant and trusted source of health information, education and support.
Medical Health Advisor - Members have access to registered nurses supported by a team of medical directors and administrative experts who can help with a broad range of healthcare and insurance related issues. Provides help with clinical, insurance and administrative issues for medical, hospital, dental, pharmacy and other needs.
Medical Bill Saver™ - Can lower out-of-pocket costs on medical bills not covered by insurance. Advocates will work with providers to lower the balance on uncovered medical or dental bills over $400 which have not been submitted to insurance or previously discounted.
Medical Travel Assistance - Members have access to a global network of doctors, travel assistance staff and emergency evacuation benefits when 100 miles from home and suffering an injury or illness.
Chiropractic Care - Members save 30% to 50% at over 3,000 participating chiropractors nationwide with a free initial consultation.
Alternative Medicine - Members save 10% to 30% through a national network of over 40,000 practitioners consisting of acupuncturists, massage therapists, nutritional counselors, holistic physicians in reflexology, meditation and relaxation techniques, and more.
Durable Medical Equipment - Members receive a discount on equipment such as walkers, power mobility scooters, hospital beds, blood pressure devices, and much more.
Hearing Aids - Members receive discounts on all of the latest hearing technologies and models through a network of more than 3,000 full service centers.
MRI & CT Scans - Save 50-75%*** on typical costs for the following imaging services****: MRI, CT Scans and Ultrasounds. Large nationwide panel of radiologists and imaging specialists with over 2,900 radiology centers throughout the United States.
Lab Tests - Members save 10% to 80% on charges for blood tests and all other lab testing through a national laboratory network.
Wellness Online - This online wellness benefit aims to help members reach personal health and wellness goals regardless of age, gender or level of fitness. The website gives members the tools to make wellness part of their daily life
Counseling Services - Members receive free unlimited counseling services 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help solve personal problems of any size. Highly trained phone counselors with a master's degree and at least five years' experience
Long Term Elder Care - Aids and supports members with aging parents and family members. Qualified specialists help members with issues related to caring for an older person including 24/7 to help with elder care concerns.

All benefits are available for your immediate family.

Please review each benefit page for more detailed descriptions, disclosures and limitations.

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Benefit Discount Card

  • Includes all BenefitaidSelect discounts
  • 24/7/365 Physician US Telephone Access at NO additional cost
  • 10%-85% savings on many prescriptions drugs
  • 15%-50% per visit* savings at over 132,000** dental practice locations
  • Vision care discounts at over 12,000 eye care locations
  • No age or health restrictions
  • Includes all immediate family members (and pets too for prescriptions!)

* Actual costs and savings vary by provider, service, and geographical error.
** As of June 2013.
*** Savings may vary based on geographic location, provider and procedure performed.
**** Available services may vary by provider.

Medical Travel Assistance not available to FL, OR or WA residents.